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Six Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups

Having to visit the dentist every six months may not be the appointment that everyone looks forward to, but it is one of the most important ones to keep. If you have found yourself wondering what the point of having regular dental checkups and cleanings really is, we’ve got something for you to think about.

If you are considering skipping a dental checkup because of cost or another factor like time or dental anxiety, make sure to consider all the risks.

Cañada Dental Group Featured in Glendale Community College (GCC) Article

Dr. Aris Minas & Dr. Arthur Jordan – Cañada Dental Group

About 30 years ago and half a world away, young Arthur Jordan and Aris Minas stood right next to each other as they posed for their kindergarten class photo. Years later, they graduated in the same class from Glendale High School, but it was only after they enrolled in the same biology class at GCC that they got to know one another, became friends and started on the path that would lead them to open a business together.

“That’s where we met; Biology 101,” they said in unison. “We both majored in biology, but it took some time before we settled on dentistry for our careers,” Dr. Minas recalled.

“Once you set your mind on a certain profession, it takes many, many years of commitment to complete your education,” said Dr. Jordan. “In my opinion, you have to know it’s something you really want to do before you actually get into it.”

Since he was interested in science and medicine, Arthur began volunteering at a hospital ER while he was still a student at GCC. “It helped me realize that dealing with life and death is not my thing,” he confided. “Then I tried volunteering at a dental office. I liked it, and slowly put myself on the path to dental school.”

That path led both Arthur and Aris to transfer to UCLA where they spent two years as roommates. “We were really well prepared by our experience at GCC, so our transition to the university went very smoothly. In fact, we got even better grades at UCLA than we did at GCC,” said Aris.

The USC School of Dentistry was their next step, and they graduated in 2006.

“We worked in different dental offices for a few years but frequently talked to each other about our experiences,” explained Dr. Jordan. “We realized that we have very similar goals and mentalities, so when the opportunity came for us to open our own business, we took it.”

And where better to locate their new dental office than right across the street from Glendale College? “It makes perfect sense for us to be here,” said Dr. Minas. We live here in Glendale, our families are here; this is the community we want to serve and give back to.”

“A lot of people have doubts about going to community college, but it was one of the best things I ever did,” Dr. Minas recalled. “The transition from high school to GCC was crucial for me. It was a wake-up call, but the one-on-one access to faculty members and the small class sizes really helped me find my way.”

“Glendale College is a great place to start your journey,” said Dr. Jordan. “In today’s world, everyone should have a bachelor’s degree, or at least an AA, and GCC lets you to look into different fields and see what works for you. It’s a great place to start.”