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6. Dental Insurance Assessment

With the treatment plan discussed and questions answered, our highly trained front office team member can now discuss with the patient about their dental insurance coverage so that the recommended treatment can be started and completed. If our patients do not have any dental insurance coverage, we do offer several forms of dental payment plans and an in house insurance plan.

5. Digital Photos

Once everything is charted, the Doctor will take some digital photos (Camera pictures) of the teeth. The radiographs and photos will help the Doctor to begin his discussion with the patient and the explanation of the findings. The Doctor will priorities the treatment recommended while taking into consideration the patient’s main dental concerns. Treatment options will be given with the risks and benefits of each approach.

4. Begin the Exam Process

Now the Doctor will be able to start the exam process and our paperless charting system. The exam consists of Head and Neck exam, Extra-oral and Intra-oral examination with oral cancer screening. All teeth will be charted with their existing restoration and conditions. At this point, the Doctor can diagnose the patient’s area of concerns as well as diagnosing treatment for any other areas of concern that the Doctor notices.

3. Initial X-Rays

Our next step is to take the proper digital radiographs (X-rays) that are needed for our Doctor to be able to do an exam, diagnose and to focus on the patient’s dental concerns. Our dental assistants who are well trained and certified will make the digital radiograph process very comfortable.